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Audiofemme - Cincy Indie Pop Duo Blossom Hall Release Their First (and Maybe Last?) Album, Pyre

"It’s a great summation of the raw songwriting, swelling instrumentals and orchestral flair that the duo is known for.   "

"God Girl – the album’s lead single and a fuzzy rock mixture of anthemic drums and haunting vocals about loneliness and the divine feminine..."

Beats Per Minute - Q&A and Premiere: Cincinnati’s Blossom Hall are in Bloom on riveting new single “God Girl”

"The duo has a sound so well-defined, it can come as a major shock that they’re just now on the precipice of releasing their debut album, Pyre."

"Before the album drops, Blossom Hall has shared the single “God Girl”. Flush with striking moments before a single word has been uttered, like a longing musical saw, “God Girl” also showcases Paraskevopolous’ remarkable vocal versatility. With verses of twee inquisitiveness and choruses of riot grrrl rage, “God Girl” turns would-be musical contradictions into unexpectedly perfect detours. The nearly-five minute runtime whips by in a flash, with not a single moment dragging. It’s also a great song to share for Mother’s Day, as you’ll see when you listen."

Tuned Up - Premiere: Blossom Hall – “Peace To Everything That I Have Hurt And That Has Hurt Me”

Team Lunch Podcast - Blossom Or Hall? 2020

"That drop, when the distorted guitar comes in - it's like a thick layer of butter and jam."

"The lyrics are simple, but they're also meditative and funny too."

Spill It - Cincinnati Indie Rockers Blossom Hall Pay Tribute to Pixies with Live Album, Weekend Show, 2020

"This unforgettable performance was recorded live on Halloween of 2018...Singing phrases like 'gouge away', 'I bleed' and 'killed by ten million pounds of sludge' was an apt way to spend Halloween night..."

CityBeat - Cincinnati Indie Rock Band Blossom Hall Release "Midnight Mass", 2019

"The chiming, folksy track sways like boots strolling across crunchy snow...a smoky, meditative dirge of spiritual doubt."

Redhawk Radio - An Interview with Blossom Hall's Nancy Paraskevopoulos, 2019

Inhailer Radio - Born Ruffians with Blossom Hall, 2018

"For fans of The Pixies and The Zombies, local act Blossom Hall is right up your alley. The jubilant trio... are weirder, poppier, and more experimental than most other bands coming out of Cincinnati right now. Their EP Parasols hits heavier than one might imagine... Their lyrics take the lead and allow for a lot of jamming out, with a central synth presence and persistent guitar....Boogie, people!"

Citybeat - Midpoint Music Festival Official Guide, 2018

"The trio...recently released their first official single, the reflective yet propulsive "It's Easy To Want to Die", inspired by Paraskevopoulos's near-drowning experience. A full Blossom Hall album is in the works; hopefully additional material will require no further brushes with death for inspiration... You'll dig it if you dig the quiet insistence of Belle and Sebastian, or the loud insistence of Blondie."

Inhailer Radio - A Creative Process Q&A with Blossom Hall, 2018

WVXU - Blossom Hall, a Garage Pop Trio, 2018

Sound Advice - Born Ruffians with Blossom Hall, 2018

WYSO - Blossom Hall Live on Kaleidescope, 2017

Girls of Summer - A Roundtable of Femme-Forward Musical Acts, 2017