Sup Molly, here are some notes on what to play and sing.

St Louis: all the violin parts. correct tuning.


Tattoo: we play this a half step down from the recording. all the violin parts, whichever notes sound good to you. Violin solo between 1st chorus and 2nd verse if you can.




Darkness: Violin plays lead guitar parts. On the bridge, double the rhythm guitar. correct tuning.

God Girl: Violin plays the saw parts. Sing during all the background vocal parts, including the breathing. correct tuning.


Twilight: We play it a half step down from this recording. this an old live recording. Double Phil vocal in the chorus. Violin solo between the 2nd chorus and bridge if you can.



Parasols: We play it a half step down from this recording. Violin doubling the "ooh" hook thing. Vocals on the "How long will it take" part, then double stops through the guitar solo.

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